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Playing football and writing words

2022-06-25 01:02World Cup 2022 schedule
Summary: Play football, look at pictures and write 100 wordsHe kicked the ball hard to the goal of the blue team, and saw a beautiful shot from the red team, and the goalkeeper of the blue team jumped into the
Play football, look at pictures and write 100 words
He kicked the ball hard to the goal of the blue team, and saw a beautiful shot from the red team, and the goalkeeper of the blue team jumped into the air. The audience cheered and the game was over. The red team member shouted, "we have won!" The blue team member patted the goalkeeper and said, "it doesn't matter. You've done well." What a wonderful football matchHow to describe playing football in grade one
One day, Xiao Ming's teacher organized his class to play football They were divided into the blue team and the red team. They vied with each other on the playground. They played very happily Suddenly, Xiao Jun of the red team made a fierce kick, and the ball was about to enter the door. Xiao Ming of the blue team wanted to stop the ball, but Xiao Jun's foot was too fierce to stop, and the ball scoredPlaying football, looking at pictures, writing words, grade one
On Saturday, a little boy asked his friends to play football at school. When they arrived at the stadium, they divided into two teams and put on their jerseys. The game began. No. 5 of the blue team grabbed the ball and passed it to No. 7. No. 7 missed it and the ball slipped to the foot of No. 2 of the red team. No. 2 flew a foot, the ball flew to the frame of the goal, and thenTwo little boys are playing football in the yard
One sunny afternoon, after school, sevenoreight students who played football well stayed. In order to make fun of the fun, I went in at every turn. After inquiring, I learned that tomorrow was a football match with other classes. The reason why they stayed was to train and play football. Anyway, I have nothing to do on Friday afternoonIn grade two, I played football and the ball fell into the hole
The details are as follows: on a sunny morning, a group of children came to the grass to play football. Just as they were playing hard. Suddenly, the football disappeared. The children ran up to have a look. It turned out that the football had fallen into a hole. What shall I do? They stood at the mouth of the cave, thinking anxiously20 words in the composition of playing football in grade one
I couldn't help shouting: "pass it on! Pass it on!" The teammates did pass the ball! At this time, I was very nervous, and my heart was beating a drum. I seized the opportunity to make an "upside down golden hook". Alas, the ball seems to have eyes. It entered the goal impartially... It's fun to play footballThree children playing football outside in grade one
At five o'clock this afternoon, my eldest brothers and I went downstairs to play football. There were nine of us. I was the referee. The otherPlaying football and writing words eight were divided into "red team" and "yellow team". The game began. The "red team" shot the first shot. The Playing football and writing wordsgame was very fierce and everyone was sweatingA little boy was playing football on the lawn
On Sunday afternoon, three little boys were playing football happily on the lawn of the public garden. At this time, she was seen by her senior siPlaying football and writing wordsster. She said: "little friends attack friends. You can't kick on the lawn. It will hurt the grass. We should take good care of the lawn and be sensible and good children
First grade students play football on the road
Today, when I came hPlaying football and writing wordsome from school, I saw a child playing football on the road. I immediately told her that it was wrong to do so. Playing football on the road was easy to be knocked down by a car. After listening to it, he quickly said to her, sorry, I will never play football on the road againLook at the pictures and write words: 350 words of childhood anecdotes about playing football
I kicked the ball and it bounced into another goal. In this way, for five consecutive times, Feng Jie was so tired that he was out of breath. I accumulated enough to become a goalkeeper. All afternoon, my friends and I were addicted to this "ball game". We were so happy. It's fun to play football. I'll play it next time
Playing football and writing words

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