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Playing football has long legs myself, too

2022-06-26 22:09Football World Cup
Summary: Does football leg lengthenIt's better not to play football. A developing person will bend his legs when playing football. As the saying goes, O-shaped legs. You can see from the football players. S
Does football leg lengthen
It's better not to play football. A developing person will bend his legs when playing Playing football has long legs  myself, toofootball. As the saying goes, O-shaped legs. You can see from the football players. So do I. When I was a child, I played football well. It's better to play basketballHow to play football well? How to practice penalties? Is leg length good for playing football
The most important thing in football is that teamwork can only play cooperation and tactics on the premise of solid basic skills. As for penalties, I don't think it is necessary to practice deliberately. The most important thing is the psychological quality. A good penalty taker is a player who can shoot calmly under great pressure. Leg length is certainly an advantageIs there a height requirement for playing football
Height and long legs have advantages in speed and confrontatioPlaying football has long legs  myself, toon, while short legs suffer congenital losses. As a football player, the ideal height is between 1.78-1.85, with speed and confrontation, and relatively flexible; The short leg, you run five steps, he needs to start to complete, control the ball, grab the ball and collide at a lossCan playing football help your legs grow longer
Theoretically speaking, it will not be long after maturity, but gymnastics, dance, taekwondo and so on can all exercise to make the body look good. Naturally, the legs look long. You should also pay attention to clothes. You can see that the legs of ballet dance look longDoes playing football lengthen your legs
Man, I've been playing football since 1997. According to my own experience, I shouldn't. Although there is no scientific basis, there are many so-called short legged tigers around you. They are of the Romario type, short in stature and short in legs. Of course, playing football is a very fierce sport, and it is inevitable to increase your heightTall, like to play football. What if your legs are long and inflexible
You can take advantage of your height to play the role of heading. Just like Beckham and crouch, crouch is two meters tall. That's the way it was played in England. Try it and find someone with better footwork to cooperate
The proportion of big and small legs length of football players
1 to 1.618. Football players need to involve the proportion of upper and lower limbs of players. The proportion of big and small legs close to the golden section is 1:1.618. The length of legs is also relatively reasonable. The length of legsPlaying football has long legs  myself, too is better than running. The more perfect the proportion, the faster. Football players almost eat on their legsBecause I often play football, my right leg is 3 ~ 4cm longer than my left leg. What should I do
You are a right - footed player. You missed something. Play football with both feet. You can practiPlaying football has long legs  myself, tooce the other foot in the future. Or add a 3-4cm thick insole inside the shoeAre footballers' calves thicker than others
Yes, both legs and thighs will be thick, because they need to have high-intensity muscle training, and the legs will become thick gradually, but the legs are not as thick as the thighs
Why are the feet of football players so long and thin after regular exercise
First, natural body proportion and physical quality. Individual differences. Such as body proportion, arm extension, leg length, Achilles tendon length, etc.. Second, the neutralization of speed and endurance. Ordinary football players require explosive speed and excellent physical strength. In a sense, speed and endurance are contradictory. Two points have been taken into account
Playing football has long legs myself, too

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